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Every cloud has a silver lining" ... it's just that sometimes you have to look really hard to see it.

So it's raining cats and dogs (again)... well, that simply means we get the time to stay indoors and take the opportunity to write a few words of thanks to you for your support and to let you know what is coming up. See? There's the silver bit!

Buffalo Gals are looking forward to being back in Cornwall at the Cornish Bluegrass Festival (click here)on 18th September and then performing a for a second night on 19th September with our 5 red-hot Appalachian step dancers in Buffalo Gals Stampede.    After that, the charabanc packs up and heads off to the Mendip Hills where you can catch all 10 of Buffalo Gals Stampede at Priston Festival (click) on Sunday 20th September.

As the summer comes to an end La Fuente would like to extend a invitation to you all to take up the last few remaining places and join some of us at our Old Time American Music Week (details here) from 26 September to 3 October.   Run in the most beautiful of surroundings, we gather together in the warm autumn Spanish sunshine to learn and share music and song.  Please don't be nervous if you're new to playing as both the participants and teachers are supportive and encouraging, being used to working with absolute beginners through rusty re-learners to professionals.  You will also have plenty of time to swim, walk, climb, eat... count your silver linings or whatever takes your fancy.  

Many of you already know some of our teachers: Kate Lissauer, Johnny Whelan,Joff Lowson (learn more about Joff) from Buffalo Gals. 
For those of you who don't know them already,  we'd like to introduce you to two very special people indeed who we are happy and excited to tell you will be with us offering their expertise and guidance at the Music Week.   Beverly Smith and John Grimm. Click here to read more about two of Old Time's most respected musicians who will be coming from the US to spend this glorious week with us.    Or give your ears a real treat and listen to them here.

We have all spent a joyous couple of months and had the complete pleasure of basking in such incredible warmth this summer. Metaphorically and literally. The warmth of your reception and enthusiasm at both Golowan and Frome festivals will remain in our hearts for a long time; so will the incredible heat inside the Archangel as we sang, picked and perspired our way through one of Somerset's hottest nights of the year so far.
If you weren't one of the Frome folk there that night then do take a moment to read this review of the gig click here;  and take our word for it, Frome Festival is worth the trip next year.

The Penzance Folk Club kindly arranged for us to be at Golowan Festival, hosted by The Acorn. Thank from all of us for a great time, and particular thanks from our very own Sibs as it was a local-gig for her and you brought her home like a hero.  Did any of us know that her feet could move quite that fast for quite that long a time?


Before we pack up and go, we just want to wave a big "hello" to the rest of the country.  We are aware this newsletter has been a bit South West-leaning but we are looking forward to getting back on the road North and West too so please do stay in touch.  If you have a particularly active local arts centre or music venue where you'd like the Gals to play then we are always happy to take your suggestions.  Let us know.

We have just release a
new showreel- on our own li'l youtube channel:  Buffalo Gals Promo click here so if you want to show your local venue who we are just have them click and listen or they can get in touch via to discuss dates.


Here's hoping to see you over the next few months and, as always, come up and say hi.

Hi Ho Silver, away!

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