The Band
Endless Summer (Please!)

22nd July 2014

What a glorious spring and summer it has been . . . so far . . . for the Gals and for the Stampede; and that is in no small part down to the people who have made it special for us in so many ways. Oh, yes, and thanks for all the great weather too!

Of course it is a joy to be able to sing and play and dance - we're so very lucky - but the special moments and memories are made by the people who we meet along the way. To our audiences and hosts, to the people who get up and join in (no pressure, but we love it that you do), to the strangers who step in and carry our cases (you know who you are!) and to the guys and gals in the background who make it all run smoothly, for this summer we would like to thank you for having us:

Churchill Music
The Archangel
Positive Action On Cancer
Priddy Folk Festival
Shrewsbury Morris

Who Would Like To Come And Join Us On Holiday For A Week? From 27 Sept - 4 Oct

LA FUENTE DE MUSICA: Old Time Country Music Workshop,Andalucia, Spain

Join us for a week in the stunning foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains; featuring the legendary Dave Bing,Alice Gerrard,Beverly Smith,Kate Lissauer,Joff Lowson,John Grimm & John Whelan teaching fiddle,guitar,banjo and singing. This specialist not-for-profit holiday offers you the chance to be part of a wonderful intimate gathering with the opportunity to learn from and share with some of the world's finest old time country musicians.

With plenty of social activities,good food,free time for exploring and of course making new friends we are located in a remote self-contained house (or you can camp if you prefer) with a solar swimming pool. Our week culminates in a showcase performance.

Price (excluding travel) including all amenities,food etc. is £595 for adults,£275 for children (slightly lower for campers, but we'll provide tents and bedding). We are an hour's drive north of Almeria and happy to advise and assist with your travel. 

If you're interested then contact or for pictures and a flavour of this glorious week go to the 'media gallery' page and select 'La Fuente de Musica' button on Kate Lissauer's website  

And finally . . . we don't like to wish the time away, but looking ahead we are excited and pleased to be hosted again this autumn by one of our favourite Rural Touring organisations  Live & Local   so you can now  watch this space for details of gigs coming up in Bretforton, Moreton Outwoods & Bromstead,Tansley and Breadsall.